Senin, 16 Februari 2009

Steps To Increase Your Website's Page Rank by Edward Magee

. Senin, 16 Februari 2009

A great many of your visitors probably come from search engines. This is why having a good page ranking is important. On of the primary criteria used by search engines to determine this is link popularity. Link popularity is related to the number and quality of you back links to your website.

Here are some good techniques to boost your link popularity:

1. There are many article directories out there that are ranked very high on the search engines. The reason for this is that these directories are filled with web pages(articles) rich in good content. Getting your articles published in these directories will go a long way to driving traffic to your site and the great thing is they build your site's link popularity at the same time. A way to increase this is to use article submission services to submit your articles. A well executed article marketing campaign can create hundreds of links back to your site and boost your page's ranking very quickly. 2. Getting your site listed in web directories can provide links back to your site for free. Try to find the highest-ranking web directories and make sure your site shows up under the right categories. 3. Blogging is another great way to get links to your site that does not cost anything. Blogs have become very popular with search engines of late. Post at least a few times per week to make sure your content is fresh for the next time a search engines looks at the blog site. Posting comments on other blogs will attract attention to other bloggers who many do you a favor and link back to your blog.

These techniques all work if you work them. Getting a high-ranking website will not happen overnight, but if you apply these and other strategies soon you website will enjoy a high volume of targeted traffic from the search engines.

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