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Safety in the Workplace

. Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

Safety in the workplace is something that everyone has to think about, from supervisors to workers. Everyone has a right to a safe and heathy workplace, so it is important that managers have a clear and workable plan to enhance workplace safety.

Develop a Safety Program

Each employer needs to develop safety programs, policies and plans for their specific work environment. This can include a wide range of ideas, depending on what type of workplace safety issues are of concern. Workplace hazards and safety concerns need to be identified along with ways to handle them effectively. For instance, this can include things like having all employees wear an identification card, requiring all employees to maintain a clean workspace or asking employees to use provided personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary.

Train Management on All Safety Issues

The next step to ensuring that a work environment is a safe place is to train management on safety issues that pertain to the specific workplace. Some safety issues are more important to some workplaces than others. For instance, the workplace safety concerns at a wastewater plant would be somewhat different than those at a corporate office. Still, basic safety of people and equipment should be of most important concern no matter what type of environment it is.

Get Employees Educated and Involved

Getting employees involved in the safety programs is an excellent way of installing accountability and compliance. It is also a crucial part of any safety program. Encouraging workers to have safety committees, set safety goals and be a part of safety inspections are all excellent ways to get employees excited and interested in this issue. Employees should feel at ease communicating about safety with co-workers and supervisors.

Keep Training and Improving Your Program

There should always be ongoing safety training and education for employees about the importance of safety in the workplace. Safety issues can differ and grow over time, and the safety program needs to evolve as needs change. When safety policies are part of the daily routine, they become second nature.

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