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Internet : one of main information sources

. Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009
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internet is increasingly developing into a source of news and information. Even now have beaten the other media except television as the primary source of national and international news. So is the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in the United States in December.

40 percent of respondents admitted that they obtain national and international news from the Internet, jumped 20 percent compared to September 2007. For the first time since the survey was held, people said that they mostly rely on the Internet as a news source, compared with a newspaper, which is only 35 percent of respondents selected. Television, still the most superior as the main source of information, which is chosen by 70 percent of respondents.

Trends in the Internet as a source of primary information applies to the young. Nearly 6 out of 10 respondents aged under 30 or rather 59%, stated that they have national and international news online. Meanwhile, the same percentage also said the television. Earlier, in September 2007, 68% said the main news source is television, the Internet compared to 34%.

Among the news of the most widely observed by the public include the financial crisis, rising fuel prices some time ago, the problem bailout, and the U.S. Presidential Election.

Shows the percentage of young people who make it big in the internet as a source of information. This is probably because they are also more active in the Internet and utilize the latest technology. In contrast to their older, perhaps more like the conservative media like television.

Now the news and information circulating on the Internet not only through the news portals only. Starting from emails, blogs to social networking sites played a big part in spreading news and information quickly. Through Twitter, for example, people can directly distribute updates in a few seconds and then immediately spread throughout the world. Then, bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and others also play an active role in the spread of news and information important.

So this shows that it is not possible in the next few years, Internet and television roles become equal as the main source of information. In fact, the Internet has a big chance to beat television, given the increasing trend. Estimated, with more and more Internet users around the world, the Internet's role in life will also become increasingly large

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Why Google Sacrifice 6 Service?

Internet giant, Google, also became one of the victims of the economic crisis now engulfing the world. After announcing that they will do layoffs to 100 people and closed some branches. Google also decided to lay off six of their services. 6 service include Dodgeball, Google Catalog Search, Google Mashup Editor, Google Notebook, and Jaiku. One more, Google will remove the ability of users to upload videos on Google Video. This step for efficiency but also for the sake of focus.

Dodgeball is a service which allows users to convey a message to his friends when he was located at a location close to them, so that might be arranged a meeting. However, this service is only useful if the user's friends are listed in Dodgeball.

Dodgeball was acquired by Google in 2005, but unfortunately not much cared for Google with serious consequences in the year 2007 the two founders of Dodgeball quit Google.

Google Catalog Search
Google Catalog Search, launched in 2001 is a Google service that allows users to search for various product catalogs. However, this service was not too popular. Even so, the technology developed for the Google Catalog is the basis of the Google Book Search

Google Mashup Editor
Google Mashup Editor is a set of tools that allows developers to create web applications and combine them with other Google services like Google Maps and Google Base. Google Mashup Editor is currently in closed beta testing phase. The possibility of this service is stopped because most of the functions already available in the Google App Engine. Thus, the Google Mashup Editor users can switch to Google App Engine.

Google Notebook
Google Notebook, which is similar to Google Docs just more simple, would not be dismissed completely. It's just that, Google will continue its development and there will be no features that increase. This service will be maintained, especially since a lot of users. The reason for this development does not proceed is because Google has other services that offer seruipa functions, such as Google Docs, SearchWiki, Tasks Gmail and Google Bookmarks. However, many argue that these services have not really match the Google Notebook.

Jaiku, which is social networking with a fate similar to Dodgeball, which is less developed post-acquisition. Jaiku shape similar to Twitter, which is a micro-blogging service, but has other advantages such as can import feeds from other services. Google acquired Jaiku in October 2007, but then Google closed the registration for new accounts. In the future, Jaiku will not shut down completely, but uses code that will be open source and entered into the Google Code.

Google Video
Google Video service also will not close completely, but only the possibility the user to upload a new video. Moreover, Google now has a Youtube that much more popular. Google this step simply because they want the focus to the search engines, thus helping users to find videos that they want, such as Google expressed in this blog.

In focus, sometimes we need to sacrifice some things that may deviate from the intended focus. That's what Google is doing now. Just Google it seems necessary to better listen to customers, because Google Notebook was so popular and caused many to lose.

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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

Weekly Review Forex GBP/USD

. Senin, 19 Oktober 2009
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Trade currency pair GBP / USD which has been going on this week (October 12 to 17) indicates the occurrence of a significant strengthening of sterling against the U.S. Dollar. After opening in the range of 1.5846 in early trading week, as a result of the closure of Sterling trade has risen sharply around 506 points or about 3.19% against the U.S. dollar and closed at 1.6352 range.

As for the trade in this week (October 19 to 24), normal range trading GBP / USD per week is expected to have a support level at 1.5906 and the range of resistance level at 1.6598 range.

Market participants expressed quite optimistic that the UK will soon be out of the recession in the third quarter. And estimated an emergency monetary policy in the form of asset purchase program can be delayed temporarily.

The movement of the currency pair is expected to be influenced by several economic data releases include are: Rightmove HPI m / m, Public Sector Net Borrowing, BOE Speak Gov. King, CBI Industrial Order Expectations, Retail Sales m / m, preliminary GDP q / q.

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Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Countries with the Biggest Economic Gaps

. Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009
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As we all know that the level of economic equality become a socioeconomic reality that happened many countries. This is what the basis for UNDP to conduct research on the countries assessed to have the largest gap of economic disparities in the world. In determining the assessment of the countries that enter into these categories, based on the consideration of the UNDP to measure the Gini coefficient. Where the coefficient of aggregate inequality is measured starting from zero up to a level based on the spread of economic inequality.

Hong Kong and Singapore First and Second Ranks

The sidelines of the number of appreciation for the economic growth in both countries, apparently did not fully deliver positive news. Based on data derived from the UNDP survey, Hong Kong is ranked first as the country has the world's largest economic gap. Gini coefficient values recorded by the survey at the level of 43.4 points. With the spread of income between the rich by 34.9 points and poor by 2 points. The high economic growth is reflected in developments in various sectors including real estate and exports become a mainstay of Hong Kong so far does not seem to be enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong. Problematic developed countries apparently being hit Hong Kong today.

The second country after Hong Kong which have the predicate as a country with the largest economic gap occupied by Singapore. One of countries have positive growth after a hit by the global economic crisis has recorded scores for the Gini coefficient of 42.5 points. Meanwhile, the poor distribution has a score of 1.9 and a score for the community with the economic level of the upper class or the rich having a score of 32.8. Results that have been surveyed by the UNDP berbading apparently negative economic growth of countries where trade is in the third quarter and an increase of 14.5%.

United States in the Third Rank

The world's largest industrialized nations the U.S. is apparently not lost on the rows into a country that has the largest gap of economic disparities in the world is USA. State led by Barrack Obama has recorded in the third sequence in which the Gini coefficient score of 40.8 points gained, with the spread between the poor is worth 1.9 points and the value for distribution of rich people have a value of 29.9. The position of the U.S. experienced worse when compared with the results of a survey conducted by UNDP in the last year, where the U.S. could be in position 5.

The impact of the economic crisis is predicted to continue until next year where it will surely affect the economy of middle-class people down a very Sanat hit and is also expected to further increase the quantity of poor people in the U.S..

Other industrialized nations belonging to the survey conducted by the UNDP is the United Kingdom that entered into the 7th position with a value of the Gini coefficient by 36 points. Gini coefficient values of poor people as much as 2.1 points was recorded, whereas for rich people as much as 28.5.

Other Asian countries into Japan this survey is located at position 27 with a score of 24.9 for the Gini coefficient points. Comparison of the Gini coefficient of poor people in Japan was recorded at 4.8 points, while the Gini coefficient for the rich people in Japan worth 21.7 points.

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Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009

Weekly review GBP/USD - 11 October 2009

. Minggu, 11 Oktober 2009
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Trade currency pair GBP / USD which has been going on this week (October 5 to 10) shows the weakening of sterling against the U.S. Dollar. After opening in the range of 1.5930 in early trading week, as a result of the closure of Sterling was trading down around -86 points, or about -0.54% against the U.S. dollar and closed at 1.5844 range.

Sterling weakened this tendency is thought to be the impact of British concerns that the economy was still too weak. So that monetary easing is required either by the suspension of ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) and also the asset purchase program, even though the threat of rising inflation.

GBP/USD Signal Profit

I want to suggests that the pressure on sterling is expected to find support 1.5800an area. Technical possibility of defensive patterns of pair GBP / USD is greater if the support area can not be penetrated.

Letter BOE Inflation is estimated to provide a significant effect of pair GBP / USD at the next week. As for the trade in the next week (October 12 to 17), normal range trading GBP / USD per week is expected to have a support level at 1.5739 and the range of resistance level at 1.6034 range.

The movement of the currency pair on October 12 to 17 is expected to be influenced by several economic data releases include are: BRC Retail Sales Monitor y / y, RICS House Price Balance, RPI y / y, BOE Inflation Letter, claimant Change Count, and Average Earnings Index 3m / y .

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Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

How to deal the unique type of boss

. Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009
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In the business world, the role of leader of a fair and wise is very important. Ideally, a wise leader who can maintain a balance between fulfilling the rights of employees, also can meet the demands of the company. However, in reality in many companies are still much less fully leaders serve as a good leader. Like what are the types of unique leadership in the company? How to deal with it?

The Trouble Maker
This type tend to be rough and a little drunk power. This bully, his heart to embarrass the team in front of others, such as clients or colleagues, just to show that he's higher position. Sometimes to show his prowess, he was pleased threatened to dismiss the men even though his errors small. Faced with this boss can be a difficult challenge. Tricks you can do is to try to "fly low", not too low profile, but try to get attention from employers that are higher than the intruder was. Find a mentor or a boss that is higher than the bully to maintain both a shield from the bully.

The Micro-Manager
This type of love analyzing every inch of the actions of the men, even the slightest. Actually the action of the employer may be encouraged to work harder, disciplined, and diligent. However, if you're the type of people who appreciate the freedom, will be difficult to accept. If you want to face this kind of boss, it is important to you is not seen to take the power of the employer. Usually the type of leadership is mikro-manager insecure type of person, it is very important to continue to give him information about your activities. By doing this, you give the illusion of a sort of control to the top without making you feel unable to move (you still have the freedom to autonomous).

The Politics of Office
This type of boss could be like your friends close, but it also can suddenly take such opposite positions, or even attacked. Things like do not keep their promises, false information, the takeover of ideas, are the usual things that happen when dealing with this kind of boss. The best way to deal with this boss is to communicate through writing. In this way, all words, questions, statements, requests, proposals, and everything is neatly recorded and there is proof. If your boss is trying to solve a verbal agreement, continue the confirmation by e-mail, make sure you send an e-mail copy to the other party in company.

The Senior
This type is usually more due to be promoted senior enough, not because of capability. This type of boss are usually less readily, always doing everything according to the old procedures, and less open to all efforts to innovate. Afraid to make decisions, because usually this type of boss has a problem to keep the moral subordinates, so they have a problem with flexibility. Usually, the type of boss who is less afraid of such initiatives will change, so do not be too underpreasure proposed ideas that are too fundamental. It would be better if you want to ask a fundamental change, make a big meeting if you need to get supporters.

Type Drama Queen
This type does not always refer to women, men too can be like this. In that sense, the type of person who likes to complain, making small problems become big, and make everything too much. Too self-seeking, and could see things from a larger glasses. They tend to reject the solution of the most visible, just to make the situation more complicated and longer. In fact, it rarely makes the company issues a private matter. Drama queen was never satisfied. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated and thinking about the boss of this type for too long, you could be sucked into the negative side. Very important to keep a positive mind and refer to the solution. As much as possible, away from the boss is like this, because you get too focused on the interest alone. But do not forget to keep a good relationship with him.

The Quiet
Typically, this type can make you confused with your position. They rarely give feedback and tends to establish an executive decision without informing the staff. As a result, the left hand never knew what was doing the right hand. Often occurs miscommunication and inequality. Faced with this kind of leadership type can be very frustrating, but it is important to keep your sanity. Usually this kind of boss do not realize their mistake, so do not be afraid to share your knowledge and to voice your opinion. It may be that you will enter into the circle of supervisors and make changes in the work environment.

It's difficult when we are in a working environment which is led by incompetent superiors. However, if you feel you can and have ideas for change, keep trying. Good luck!

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