Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

How to deal the unique type of boss

. Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

In the business world, the role of leader of a fair and wise is very important. Ideally, a wise leader who can maintain a balance between fulfilling the rights of employees, also can meet the demands of the company. However, in reality in many companies are still much less fully leaders serve as a good leader. Like what are the types of unique leadership in the company? How to deal with it?

The Trouble Maker
This type tend to be rough and a little drunk power. This bully, his heart to embarrass the team in front of others, such as clients or colleagues, just to show that he's higher position. Sometimes to show his prowess, he was pleased threatened to dismiss the men even though his errors small. Faced with this boss can be a difficult challenge. Tricks you can do is to try to "fly low", not too low profile, but try to get attention from employers that are higher than the intruder was. Find a mentor or a boss that is higher than the bully to maintain both a shield from the bully.

The Micro-Manager
This type of love analyzing every inch of the actions of the men, even the slightest. Actually the action of the employer may be encouraged to work harder, disciplined, and diligent. However, if you're the type of people who appreciate the freedom, will be difficult to accept. If you want to face this kind of boss, it is important to you is not seen to take the power of the employer. Usually the type of leadership is mikro-manager insecure type of person, it is very important to continue to give him information about your activities. By doing this, you give the illusion of a sort of control to the top without making you feel unable to move (you still have the freedom to autonomous).

The Politics of Office
This type of boss could be like your friends close, but it also can suddenly take such opposite positions, or even attacked. Things like do not keep their promises, false information, the takeover of ideas, are the usual things that happen when dealing with this kind of boss. The best way to deal with this boss is to communicate through writing. In this way, all words, questions, statements, requests, proposals, and everything is neatly recorded and there is proof. If your boss is trying to solve a verbal agreement, continue the confirmation by e-mail, make sure you send an e-mail copy to the other party in company.

The Senior
This type is usually more due to be promoted senior enough, not because of capability. This type of boss are usually less readily, always doing everything according to the old procedures, and less open to all efforts to innovate. Afraid to make decisions, because usually this type of boss has a problem to keep the moral subordinates, so they have a problem with flexibility. Usually, the type of boss who is less afraid of such initiatives will change, so do not be too underpreasure proposed ideas that are too fundamental. It would be better if you want to ask a fundamental change, make a big meeting if you need to get supporters.

Type Drama Queen
This type does not always refer to women, men too can be like this. In that sense, the type of person who likes to complain, making small problems become big, and make everything too much. Too self-seeking, and could see things from a larger glasses. They tend to reject the solution of the most visible, just to make the situation more complicated and longer. In fact, it rarely makes the company issues a private matter. Drama queen was never satisfied. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated and thinking about the boss of this type for too long, you could be sucked into the negative side. Very important to keep a positive mind and refer to the solution. As much as possible, away from the boss is like this, because you get too focused on the interest alone. But do not forget to keep a good relationship with him.

The Quiet
Typically, this type can make you confused with your position. They rarely give feedback and tends to establish an executive decision without informing the staff. As a result, the left hand never knew what was doing the right hand. Often occurs miscommunication and inequality. Faced with this kind of leadership type can be very frustrating, but it is important to keep your sanity. Usually this kind of boss do not realize their mistake, so do not be afraid to share your knowledge and to voice your opinion. It may be that you will enter into the circle of supervisors and make changes in the work environment.

It's difficult when we are in a working environment which is led by incompetent superiors. However, if you feel you can and have ideas for change, keep trying. Good luck!

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