Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Countries with the Biggest Economic Gaps

. Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

As we all know that the level of economic equality become a socioeconomic reality that happened many countries. This is what the basis for UNDP to conduct research on the countries assessed to have the largest gap of economic disparities in the world. In determining the assessment of the countries that enter into these categories, based on the consideration of the UNDP to measure the Gini coefficient. Where the coefficient of aggregate inequality is measured starting from zero up to a level based on the spread of economic inequality.

Hong Kong and Singapore First and Second Ranks

The sidelines of the number of appreciation for the economic growth in both countries, apparently did not fully deliver positive news. Based on data derived from the UNDP survey, Hong Kong is ranked first as the country has the world's largest economic gap. Gini coefficient values recorded by the survey at the level of 43.4 points. With the spread of income between the rich by 34.9 points and poor by 2 points. The high economic growth is reflected in developments in various sectors including real estate and exports become a mainstay of Hong Kong so far does not seem to be enjoyed by the people of Hong Kong. Problematic developed countries apparently being hit Hong Kong today.

The second country after Hong Kong which have the predicate as a country with the largest economic gap occupied by Singapore. One of countries have positive growth after a hit by the global economic crisis has recorded scores for the Gini coefficient of 42.5 points. Meanwhile, the poor distribution has a score of 1.9 and a score for the community with the economic level of the upper class or the rich having a score of 32.8. Results that have been surveyed by the UNDP berbading apparently negative economic growth of countries where trade is in the third quarter and an increase of 14.5%.

United States in the Third Rank

The world's largest industrialized nations the U.S. is apparently not lost on the rows into a country that has the largest gap of economic disparities in the world is USA. State led by Barrack Obama has recorded in the third sequence in which the Gini coefficient score of 40.8 points gained, with the spread between the poor is worth 1.9 points and the value for distribution of rich people have a value of 29.9. The position of the U.S. experienced worse when compared with the results of a survey conducted by UNDP in the last year, where the U.S. could be in position 5.

The impact of the economic crisis is predicted to continue until next year where it will surely affect the economy of middle-class people down a very Sanat hit and is also expected to further increase the quantity of poor people in the U.S..

Other industrialized nations belonging to the survey conducted by the UNDP is the United Kingdom that entered into the 7th position with a value of the Gini coefficient by 36 points. Gini coefficient values of poor people as much as 2.1 points was recorded, whereas for rich people as much as 28.5.

Other Asian countries into Japan this survey is located at position 27 with a score of 24.9 for the Gini coefficient points. Comparison of the Gini coefficient of poor people in Japan was recorded at 4.8 points, while the Gini coefficient for the rich people in Japan worth 21.7 points.

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