Jumat, 06 November 2009

iPod Nano 5th Generation and the features

. Jumat, 06 November 2009

i-pod nano 5th generation

iPod nano has been entered into the 5th generation. The new version is iPod nano, now has a number of audio-video features that are categorized as complete. Besides this iPod can also be used for recording video.

On occasion this time We Trying 5th generation iPod nano is. IPod nano at a glance it does not differ from previous versions in terms of appearance. However, when observed more closely, this iPod has a screen more relieved than his elder brother, namely equal to 2.2 inches.

But unlike his brother, the iPod nano now has a camera lens behind the screen. This lens is one with an aluminum body wrapped in the body of a young iPod. Also other parts of the body design seems not to show a significant change.

When viewed on the display there are several new menu, such as radio, video camera, and fitness in the extras.

FM radio

Apple finally buried a radio in the iPod nano. Simple and elegant, like a character who always carried Apple, so the form of FM radio display on this iPod. With forms like the classic radio show, Apple is also completing his radio with RDS system.

This system can identify the song information display, artist, and album on a radio frequency that plays the song. Just like several other players, Apple also enabling the earphones as the radio antenna. For some users who have poor-quality earphones, just get ready for the radio signal is bad.

Video cameras strange

With a VGA camera with a resolution up to 640x480, the video iPod nano can even reach 30 fps. As a result the quality of the resulting image did not seem broken. Features that deserve more proud of is the existence of 15 types of preset special effects unique video, such as the cyborg (style of eye effect Robocop), Kaleido, motion blur, Mirror, Light Tunnel, Dent, Stretch and so on.

When tried to record a video, there seems awkward with this camera lens position. Position is located in the lower right uncomfortable held. When held with one hand, the lenses covered with palms, and the picture becomes dark.

In addition there is a bit disappointing feature of the camera image. My new iPod nano is it can not be used for photos ria. It turned out that the lens is planted in the body of the iPod nano is only enabled for video recording.

Features 'iPod nano fat burner'

iPod nano can become friends for users who like exercise habits. Whether for athletes, or users who simply want to 'burn' fat on his body.

Pedometer Section located in the menu Extras> Fitness can calculate our steps when walking or running, and also calculates how many calories of fat that have been 'burned' from our body.

When using this Pedometer, we also use other features such as playing a collection of favorite songs, listen to the radio, or run the stopwatch. Operation is very easy, just simply press the middle button to start or stop the Pedometer.

Conclusion for iPod Nano 5th Generation review:

iPod is basically carrying the complete feature. Not to mention with the Genius feature Mix. Like a personal DJ, this feature will automatically create a mix of songs from the user's iTunes collection that would sound good in a circuit.

For voice quality problems, the iPod can not be doubted. With a capacity of 8GB and 16GB, 5th generation iPod nano is capable of storing around 2000 songs and 4000 (128-Kbps AAC) fruit. Or for the duration of a video store about 8 hours-16 hours.

Basically, the iPod has a design 'cheerful', lightweight and solid body can be the right choice for adolescents or children, as well as intimate chum for athletes. Unfortunately the iPod nano has a shortage of innovation in the video lens. A device with this 9 color choices range dibanderol USD 149 (8GB) and U.S. $ 179 (16GB).

+ There are FM radio, genius mixes, pedometer, relieved screen, built-in speaker and voice recording.
+ Having a video recorder with a unique presets.

- Position the lens out of place
- The camera can not be used to take photos

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Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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