Minggu, 09 Agustus 2009

Google VS Apple

. Minggu, 09 Agustus 2009

Most of giant companies that compete each other in the technology sector has been the face and the trends shaping the market technology sector, which in turn determine what products will be widely used by both consumers and companies.

History records some of which have participated in shaping the condition of the technology at this time. In the 1980s, the competition between Microsoft and Apple. In an1990-era property giant Bill Gates back to compete with IBM, and in an 2000-era Microsoft dealing with Google. Towards a new decade in 2010-an, virulent form of competition between two giants, Google and Apple. Timpano blown war after the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt lift the foot from the board of directors of Apple. War was officially opened on 3 August 2009.

Revenue growth, increase in stock prices is something that continues to be by Apple and Google. in the last decade, the company has achieved many successes and the most influence on the economy. Apple and Google are two companies that will be very innovative, but with a very innovative approach to back-off, as it is said Henry Chesbrough, the director of the Center for Innovation pen at the University of California.

Google is the web standard for the open secure. Programmers are allowed to run almost all software tools in almost hardware. In Google's perspective, means that more is better - as long as the program of course, hardware, and web site has a place for advertising on-line Google.

While the point of view of 180 degrees different from Apple with Google. This company is very careful so the ecosystem of software development such as company want. Apple is also very concerned about the control set and super-tight against the software that allowed for the products they use, such as the iPhone.

Apple and Google also have a different approach to the hardware of computer. Google search for as many companies producing hardware tools to create mobile phones and other devices that can be used for the Android OS made them, and perhaps will also do the same OS so Chrome has been officially released.

Meanwhile, Apple does not permiting any company to set up Mac, iPod, or iPhone. Apple argued and very confident that they can continue to make the best device.

During this time the difference between the two companies is a little barriering with Eric Schmidt in the Apple board of directors, since 2006. In response to Schmidt decision to withdraw from the board of directors of Apple, Steve Jobs said that Schmidt is a priceless asset that is not for the company. Unfortunately along with the Google into Apple's core business, with Androdi and Chrome, the effectiveness of Schmidt as a board of directors of Apple to be decreased because the remote had not attended in several important meetings in order to avoid the conflict of interest.

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