Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

three business options

. Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

by: Ross Taylor

There are new business opportunities available online each and every day. The internet marketplace is the largest in the world and only continues to grow. With the current state of the economy it has grown even faster as more and more people turn to it for a backup income and financial security. If you're looking to get your online career started but aren't sure exactly where to start, here are three of many popular ways to get involved.

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) is a great way to get started because you can learn the ins and outs of the internet business world and generate an income while you're doing it. The way it works is that you sell the company's product and recruit new distributors to also sell the product and they do the same. You make a commission from your sales and all the sales of everyone recruited under you. There are many companies to choose from and not all of them are legitimate so it's important to do your research and choose a business that sells a valuable product, has been around for a while, boasts a duplicable marketing and training system and has strong leadership.

A second popular option is direct sales. Unlike MLM, with direct sales you do not recruit distributors and you make all the sales yourself. However, the products are usually high end and priced much higher, and you make a much larger commission. With most companies you get the product straight from the wholesaler at cost and sell it to the consumer at retail. The benefit of doing direct sales online, like with MLM, is that you can use technology to your advantage and set your system on autopilot to automatically generate orders and take customer information.

If you're not interested in getting involved with an existing online company you may want to try freelancing. Many companies, especially with so many layoffs, outsource several services to freelancers. If you have a talent or skill that businesses or people need such as writing, photography, graphic design, HR consulting or even cake decorating, you can create a website and easily become the CEO of your own personal business.

The internet is the one job market that never runs dry because it provides an open platform for you to create the career you've always dreamed of.


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