Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

How to Respond to Positive/Negative Mentions of your Brand

. Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

Publicity ISN'T always good publicity, and in an age where information, good or bad, spreads like wildfire, it's important to know how to respond to publicity on the internet to avoid nasty exposure and capitalise on positive comments. In order for you to build a Google CV that will see your name / brand name off to a good start it is essential that you respond to and manage all negative and positive comments on the web.

As bloggers aren't necessarily professional journalists, you may find yourself defending your brand against false allegations, or being praised outright.
Here are some pointers on how to respond to positive and negative mentions of your brand:

• Use the opportunity to spark up conversation, increase your online presence and convince any negative blogger/commenter to see your side of the argument. • Set the record straight with the truth if the publicity is incorrect.
• Be responsive and don't let any press pass you by (a bit of online reputation management will ensure that this doesn't happen).
• Use the opportunity to receive honest feedback. Enquire about the details for the positive or negativity and you'll be one step closer to perfecting your product or service.
• Drown it out. Sometimes it's impossible to change opinions or have negative comments removed - and if this bad press appears at the top of your Google CV, then it's imperative that you do something about it as soon as possible. Create content that will overshadow the negative press, and hopefully push it down the ranks to a less noticeable position.
• Distinguish yourself from others with the same name who are receiving bad publicity.
• If all else fails when taking care of negative publicity, compile a formal press release featuring the correct information and syndicate online (but be sure not to draw unintentional attention to the bad press).
• Publicise positive mentions of your brand via social bookmarking to increase your web presence.


• Don't pretend to be someone else and try to change opinions or praise your own brand. Not only is this morally questionable, but it is easily spotted, and can end in disaster.
• Don't try and censor a blogger. Bloggers really don't like this, and this could end up in an all-out war.
• Don't discuss your competitors. If it's not their argument, leave them out or you may see an extremely nasty situation unfold.
• Stand up for yourself, but never lose your cool and/or retaliate… Never.
• Legal counsel may come in handy, but only as a last resort - never use legal back up as a threat.

The bottom line: The internet is a medium that facilitates communications, connections and opinions. Use it to the best of your ability and you will see a sparkling set of results when a search is conducted for your name. But be patient - as these listings are organic and not paid for it will take time.

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